Field Memo: Signs of Love

Signs of Love

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A few weeks ago Todd Engstrom gave us an overview of what God has been up to at the Austin Stone and particularly in the nations. Since you’re a part of the For the Nations Community you’ll be receiving our Field Memo: Stories of God’s Continued Activity in the Nations. These are bi-monthly emails that will share Goer stories, different ways you can interact with the Nations through the Austin Stone, and opportunities for you to stay in touch with our current happenings so we can celebrate Kingdom victories together!  We’re still working on some of our new stories, so we’ll be sending some previous stories along as well.

We want you to know you’re loved and play a vital role in what God is doing in our city and throughout the nations. We hope your soul is moved by these stories and awakened to the magnitude of God’s grace for all His people. We believe people from all nations – in every corner of the world – will one day worship God together in unity around the throne. One of our greatest joys is to partner with people like you in bringing the gospel to those who have not yet heard, that we may hasten our Lord’s return.

The video above is a story from the past that highlights two of our current Goers, Daniel and Jessie Fox, working in South America. They moved to Honduras to teach sign language to the deaf community, a people who lack access to language resources and are ignored by society. As they remain among the deaf, The Foxes share the gospel through unspoken gestures of love.

Next Steps…

Aerial view of a river in Honduras