Field Memo: Sign of Hope

Sign of Hope

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

While serving in the Middle East, Molly ministered to women who had suffered deep loss. She fostered relationships with them and listened to their stories of desperation, clinging to a desire to see them redeemed. During moments when she struggled to meet their physical needs, she found comfort in the truth that true treasure lies in Jesus Christ and His promise of hope.


Written by: The Austin Stone Story Team

Possible Next Steps…

Use Your Knowledge to Teach Others

Volunteer in many different ways with Refugee Services of Texas
-Job development
-Financial literacy
-Cultural orientation
-Apartment Setup


Learn More about Other Cultures

Read articles from The Crescent Project’s website to gain cultural insight into the Muslim world.




Bring the Gospel to Muslims Online

People in closed nations have a deep desire to talk about hope, justice, peace and identity. Join “Embassy” because whether people are living in war or peace, in danger or in safety, the message of Jesus is relevant.