Why Don't We Pray Regularly?

Even Jesus prayed during His time on the earth. He regularly sought the wisdom, guidance, and the will of the Father, both for Himself and for others. Jesus thanked God, asked for what He needed or wanted, interceded for the needs of others, and worshipped God in prayer throughout His time on earth. If even Jesus needed to pray and took joy in communing with the Father in that way, how much more should we make time and set our attentions to praying?

One simple way to remind ourselves to pray is to set an alarm at a specific time of day, and to then immediately pray. Often times, we will use 10:02 to remind us to pray Luke 10:2 and ask God for laborers!


  • Do you regularly go to God in prayer? Do you believe He hears you and cares about what you’re praying? Why or why not?


  • Is there anything in your life (fear, time, distractions, apathy, etc) keeping you from praying regularly? What can you change to value prayer and to make more time for it?


Lord God, thank you for hearing me when I pray. That the King of the universe listens when I talk and cares about what I say is too wonderful to fully understand. Please give me words to speak and a heart that wants to commune regularly with You through prayer. If there is anything in me that will keep me from praying, from wanting to talk to You, please get rid of it. Replace it with Your perfect love, O God, that I would know how much you desire regular communion with me. Amen.