Why Don't We Fast Regularly?

Fasting refocuses our mind’s attentions and heart’s affections on God. We so easily get distracted by the things of this world- the entertainments, the routines of daily life, the things we feel we can control and don’t need God for- and we forget what desperate creatures we really are. Fasting helps remind us of our weaknesses and creates an opportunity for us to humble ourselves before God and ask Him to fill us up. Fasting testifies to ourselves, to others, and to God, that He is our ultimate sustenance and provision. He is the Daily Bread that we desperately need.

Even Jesus fasted during His time on earth. In Matthew 4, we see Jesus fast for 40 days to prepare Himself for the temptation Satan would bring. Satan offered Jesus the whole world if our Savior would just bow down to him. But Jesus resisted. He quoted Scripture and withstood the tremendous pressure of the Enemy, choosing instead to take the course that would give us salvation through Him. Jesus understood that fasting is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to follow God and do His will.


  • Have you ever fasted before? How did you fast and why? Did you feel that your fast was effective? Why or why not?


  • Is there anything in your life (fear, time, distractions, apathy, etc) keeping you from fasting regularly? What can you change to value fasting and to begin to make it a rhythm in your life?


Lord God, thank you for the gift of fasting. As I am obedient to fast from food, please turn my eyes to You alone. Give me my reward- more of You, O God. Please give me a heart that wants to commune regularly with You through fasting. If there is anything in me that will keep me from fasting, from sacrificing even a little food to get more of You, please get rid of it. Replace it with Your perfect love, O God, that I would know how much you desire my affections and attentions. Amen.