Week 4

Group Discussion Guide

God calls His people to go to all nations, but He does not ask us to go alone. He clearly gives us models in Scripture for how to send and go.

We want to be a church who provides the best support possible for both goers and senders, but it will take all of us working together to make that a reality. We must each advocate for one another and trust God to provide for our needs. We must be willing to joyfully and sacrificially give of our resources so that the gospel can be preached among the unreached.

Reflect on your time this week and discuss the following questions with your community.

Discussion Questions

  • Were you faithful to pray each day this week and to fast together with the church on Tuesday? If the answer to either is “no,” share why with your community. Do not let guilt and shame take hold. The goal of these 40 days is not perfection in following the “rules”; it’s a communal attempt by the local church to beg Him in faith to sow vast numbers of seeds among the nations, that a great harvest would be reaped. Our foundation is Christ and His Word, and our goal is that God’s will would be done through us. This community is for you and with you. Rest in that knowledge, and take a moment to encourage one another, whether you have succeeded in what you set out to do or have fallen short of the goal this week. “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1).


  • When the things we love other than God—like time, money, comfort, relationships, and independence—are pressed, we start to see how our affections can become disordered. Are there things you are holding with a closed hand because you’re afraid God is going to ask you to give them up in order to send or go? Be specific. Why do those things feel precious to you? Share with your community.


  • What role(s) do you believe God might be calling you to as we seek to join Him on mission to the unreached? Where do you need more clarity or prayer from your community in order to discern and commit to your role in sharing the gospel with the nations? Share with your community, and pray for one another.


Lord God, we thank You for always generously providing for our needs. You never change, and we can trust You in every circumstance. Thank You for being our anchor in the storm, our firm foundation. Comfort us in our afflication, and show us how to care for one another as we seek to serve You together. Let us never put any transient thing of this earth ahead of You in our lives. Amen.