The heart of The Austin Stone is for all peoples to know, worship, and enjoy God. This is lived out in an international context primarily through our For the Nations ministry. 

We believe people from all people groups, in every corner of the world, will one day worship God together in unity around the throne. And one of our greatest joys on this earth is to be part of bringing the gospel to people who have not yet heard, that we may hasten our Lord’s return.


In 2009, that vision of all nations having access to the gospel became more solidified through the creation of the 100 People Network. Through prayer and intense study, the leadership of The Austin Stone began to see strategic opportunities among the over 6,000 unreached people groups around the earth. They launched The 100 People Network to begin assessing, training, and commissioning qualified men and women to take the gospel to those who had not yet heard the Good News.

God supplied more than The Austin Stone Leadership could have asked or imagined in those early days, and in just a few years, more than 100 people were sent on teams across the globe.

In 2011, The 100 People Network partnered with Launch Global, a successful discipleship multiplication platform, to bring more targeted training to equip the body of The Austin Stone to make disciples and plant churches in contexts outside of Texas and the United States.

The Launch Global Austin team began training interested goers in Goer Missional Communities (GMC’s), teaching them to share the gospel with international neighbors right in their own workplaces and neighborhoods. After extensive theological and practical training, “Goers” are commissioned and sent out with tools to share the gospel and cultivate healthy communities of believers wherever God has called them.

As God faithfully and abundantly blessed the spreading of His gospel, the need for sustainability of the movement became more evident.

In 2014, the 100 People Network opened its first field office in Barcelona, Spain. The Barcelona Field Office was set up as a hub for training, pastoral care, and respite for workers from across the globe. Having been field workers themselves in North Africa, the Field Office leadership team understood the importance of continued training and connection to workers. They created strategic training modules to equip workers for their specific contexts and to provide support and assistance in a variety of theological and practical areas. Now with a team of eight, the Barcelona Field Office serves the over 140 Goers who are serving among the nations. The Field Office partners with the Texas-based church body of The Austin Stone through training-focused conferences and events, goer advocacy teams, short-term trips, and continued personal connection for field workers to pastors and elders.


The desire of For the Nations (which encompasses the original 100 People Network) is that God redeem all of his people among every tribe, tongue, and nation through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To accomplish this vision, For the Nations is prayerfully and diligently working to catalyze a church planting movement (CPM) among 100 unreached people groups. These new local churches will cultivate indigenous leadership over time- local elders, pastors, and deacons to serve their families and communities as God continues to call more people to Himself.

Our greatest desire is to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission, that disciples would be made of all nations, and that every people group across the globe, no matter how small, would have regular access to the gospel.

We praise God that from the inception of The 100 People Network in 2009 to today in 2018, more than 200 workers have been launched from Austin to take the gospel to people groups around the world. Many new believers have come to personally know Christ through these efforts. We pray that God will continue adding to that number daily, that we may all glorify, worship, and enjoy Him together in eternity.